Six donations, six great causes

We’re delighted to announce the recipients of our latest round of ‘Charity of the Month’ donations, in the first  of a two-part blog  series.  

 As you may know, we usually encourage our members to vote for a winner from three nominated charities every month, using tokens they receive from our counter when visiting the branch. However,  since the COVID-19 pandemic emerged in spring 2020, our own team have been casting their votes on your behalf instead,  to  minimise  the risk of  coronavirus infection from  handling  items  unnecessarily.  

 We’ve  just  selected six more local good causes, one for each of the first six months of 2021, in reflection of our ongoing commitment to building better futures by supporting our customers, and our wider community, however we can. 

 Once again, it  was  really hard to choose from the dozens put forward, which all do such great work for our community. However, our team thought the following were particularly special this time, and so we’re donating  £250 each  to:     

Special Olympics City of Hull Swimming Club  

 Special Olympics City of Hull  operates under the umbrella of Special Olympics GB, and provides sports training and competition opportunities  to  people  with an intellectual disability. The club is responsible for raising  funds for  its own running costs,  including Special Olympics GB  membership, competition entry  fees,  team  kit, transport to events and,  in some cases,  overnight accommodation.  It encourages members to contribute to their training costs on a voluntary basis, but never turns anyone  away because they can’t afford to pay.   

 The club encourages its members to take part in swimming competitions and provides them with all the support they need – from its own Beverley-based events,  to regional and national finals, which can lead to the most talented  being selected for international competition.  

 As well as enhancing their swimming abilities,  however,  the club  enhances members’ life skills  no matter what their sporting capability,  including sportsmanship,  their ability to work as part of  a team, positive behavior, commitment, determination and  self-discipline.  

   Members are looking forward to  the competition circuit opening up again after the disruption caused by COVID, and the Society’s contribution will  go towards their preparations, including new kit for younger members who’ve had growth spurts during successive lockdowns!   

 Volunteer Janet Nolan said:  “A  big  thank  you to  Beverley Building Society  and its members  for this donation, as such support  always gives a boost to the volunteers who  offer  their time to provide  training and support  our  swimmers  at  events. It is an acknowledgement that others value the contribution they are making to the lives of these swimmers and is greatly appreciated.  

  “It’s a real privilege to  see  each  swimmer  blossom,  from their first tentative sessions  through all the  highs and lows  that follow. Eventually,  a  ‘can do’  attitude emerges with the support and encouragement of the other swimmers. The delight  they experience  whenever someone  develops  a  new skill is worth all the effort.”  

  You can discover more about Special Olympics City of Hull via their website.

Jacob’s Well Appeal  

Jacob’s Well Appeal is a Beverley-based charity that sends  medical,  educational,  agricultural  and disaster  relief to the poorest people in the world.  

 It’s fantastic work began in 1982 when  Dr  Beryl  Beynon, a Beverley GP, started sending medical and colostomy aid to Poland. Gradually, her work then expanded into Eastern Europe,  where the  charity was eventually able to build a rehabilitation centre and housing for disabled children in Romania who were abandoned to state care during the  Ceauşescu  regime.  

 From  this, Beryl’s vision expanded as the  need for aid grew,  and the charity has worked in Moldova, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Zambia, Kenya, Somaliland, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Syria and, most recently, the Yemen, Malawi and Congo Brazzaville; as well as sending  ad hoc  help during humanitarian crises and disasters  in  many  other  parts  of the world.  

 Bridget  Conroy, Office Manager  for the  charity,  explained how the Society’s  donation will be used.  

 “It will help pay for a  shipping container  we are sending to Malawi in East Africa; and we also hope to help the refugees coming into Hull from Afghanistan,” she said.  

 “This container will cost us roughly £10,000  to fill  with medical supplies which are desperately needed, including  hospital beds and personal protective equipment (PPE), and then ship  it there.  

 “We’ve  been doing this for over 38 years now and it’s fantastic that another Beverley-based  enterprise is getting involved in supporting us  in our mission.   

 “The Society  and  its  members  really  are  saving lives with  this  donation,  and we are so  grateful.“  

 You can discover more about the Jacob’s Well Appeal here

Dove House Hospice Child Bereavement Group  

  The  care  provided by the hugely well-regarded Dove House Hospice, based in east Hull,  includes looking after  both  patients  and their  families and loved ones  as they navigate their way through  terminal  illness and bereavement.  For  anyone, bereavement is a sad and difficult time, but for children it can also be  even more  bewildering and frightening.   

 That’s why Dove House, which is  largely  self-funded and relies  heavily on donations and  fundraising,  has  qualified and experienced  child  bereavement  co-ordinators  to  help children find their own ways of expressing how they are  feeling, and  begin to  move forward positively with their lives.   

 Dan  Clipson, Regional Fundraiser for the hospice, said:  “Over the past 18 months,  we’ve  faced a great number of clinical challenges and obstacles in raising funds to continue providing our vital care as a result of  the pandemic.   

 “Many of our  community  events and appeals are slowly beginning to return, and such support and donations are of great importance as they allow us to  continue  providing our care to local families completely free of charge. Thank you to all at Beverley Building Society for  your kindness.”  

 You can discover more about the Dove House Hospice via its website.

 As a building society, supporting the communities in which we live and work is what we were originally set up to do, and  therefore we’re always delighted to be  able to do our bit to help fantastic, good causes like the ones chosen by our team this time.  

Many of those picked are very close to the hearts of our members of staff  and our members  for a raft of different reasons, and I’m sure they’ll be pleased to know exactly how the charities plan to use the funds to make a real difference to people’s lives. 


If you would like to nominate a charity  which does exceptional work for the people of East Yorkshire and beyond, please write to us at  with details of the charity and why you would like to see them benefit. Or, you can hand a letter containing all the details to our branch team.  


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