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At the Beverley, we recognise that intermediaries are the engine room of the mortgage market, which is why our team will go out of our way to provide you with a service which is second-to-none.

We also understand the vital role you play in helping borrowers to navigate their way through today’s complex and challenging mortgage market, which is why we’ll go the extra mile to support you in finding solutions to quirky cases.

In fact, knowing that modern lifestyles are complicated and changing, we excel at helping the growing number of people who don’t conform to increasingly-restrictive industry expectations of the perfect borrower. We take time to consider each case from all angles and search for a way of saying ‘yes’.

Our Broker Online Beverley Mortgage Hub provides you with the functionality you need to submit cases swiftly and efficiently, backed by a commitment to review each application individually on its merits, in an era where automated, tick-box processes are becoming more and more prevalent. You will have direct access to our experienced mortgage underwriting team who both approve and underwrite cases, when you need it.

  • We consider every case on its merits instead of placing it through a credit scoring system, which in many cases may say no.
  • We deal in quality not quantity, which means we take the time to consider even the most complex cases.
  • Our team have decades of experience in niches like self-builds and conversions, unusual properties, family-assist arrangements, mortgages for the self-employed and lending in and into retirement.
  • We have an upper lending age limit of 90 (no max for RIO).
  • Our minimum mortgage term is just two years.
  • We can lend on properties with an annexe.
  • We can consider homes which have large acreages.
  • We do inter-generational lending, allowing family members to help each other purchase homes, and can consider joint borrower/sole owner and guarantor arrangements.
  • Semi-commercial, mixed-use properties are also within our scope.
  • We can consider loans for the self-employed with just one year’s accounts.

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Criteria Checker

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