My Online Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions below relate to the Society’s My Online. They are in addition to the terms and conditions applying to savings accounts. Our Savings Terms and Conditions, found in our product literature, contain important information which you should read before using My Online.


1. General

1.1 “My Online” means the facility to do the following online: view details of your savings accounts and your personal details and send and receive secure messages from and to us. We may change the facilities that are available in the future.


1.2 You will need to register, and maintain a valid email address, in order to use My Online.


1.3 Our service is designed to be used with a range of internet browsers and equipment and it is your responsibility to provide compatible equipment and software with which to access it.


1.4 Only payments in £ sterling can be dealt with using My Online.


2. Security information


2.1 When you first request access to ‘My Online’ you must choose a password and one item of memorable information. After verifying your identity we will issue you, by post to your registered postal address, with a Web User ID number and activation code. You will not be able to operate your account online until you have received these login details. Your password, memorable information and login details are known as your “Security Details”.


2.2 Each time you access My Online we will ask you for your Web User ID number, your password and your item of memorable information so that you can prove, and we can authenticate, your identity.


2.3 Once registered for My Online you must always keep your Security Details secret. You must not tell anybody else, including Society staff, your password or memorable information. It is your responsibility to take reasonable steps to ensure that your Security Details cannot be easily guessed by anyone else.


2.4 You can only have one set of login details at any one time. If more than one holder requires access to a joint account, you must each set up separate login details, and each of you must register individually to use our My Online.


2.5 If you fail to provide the correct security details three times in a row, we will block further online access to your accounts. You must then follow the online instruction for ‘forgotten my security details’ to re-enable use of the facility.


2.6 You must follow any instructions we give you from time to time regarding the safe keeping and use of your security details.


3. If you think someone knows your security details


3.1 If you think that someone else knows your password or memorable information, and you are unable to get into the My Online to change it, let us know at once. You can e-mail us at: or telephone 01482 881510. We will then suspend access to your accounts in the My Online system until you are able to change the information. If you do not do so, you may be responsible for any instruction we receive and act on, even if it was not given by you. (Please see our Savings Terms and Conditions for more detail.)


3.2 Once you have reported that you suspect someone else knows your security information, you will not be liable for any action we take on your account which was not carried out or authorised by you unless you act with gross negligence (which includes taking insufficient care of your Web User ID number, password or memorable information) or you act fraudulently.


3.3 If you would like more advice on maintaining security when dealing with your finances online, you should visit the website which contains useful information.


3.4 If any information on your account looks incorrect or suspicious in any way, you should immediately contact us by e-mailing us at or by telephone on 01482 881510.


4. Inappropriate access to our system


4.1 We shall be entitled to terminate or suspend our service to you if we have reasonable grounds to believe that you have attempted to gain access to our programs, or to accounts of other customers, or have attempted to introduce any viruses into our systems.


5. Communications


5.1 Please note that the secure messaging facility within My Online cannot be used for notifying us of any material changes to your account. A material change includes any change in account name, holders of the account or change of address. Such changes to your account must be notified in writing.


5.2 We reserve the right not to act on any instructions if they are contrary to these terms and conditions or those that apply to your account.


5.3 If you change your email address you must update your details within the My Online system in order that notifications of secure messages can still reach you.


5.4 We shall be entitled at any time to ask you to confirm in writing, instructions you have given us via My Online if we consider this is necessary or desirable for your security or for any other reason.


6. Territorial limitations


6.1 My Online is intended for use in the United Kingdom only. We would actively discourage you from accessing your account from any public internet access point such as a library or Cyber Café.


7. Security of the internet


7.1 We have taken reasonable steps to ensure that My Online is secure. However we cannot guarantee completely the confidentiality or privacy of any information passing over the internet or that it will not be interfered with. By using this facility you are giving instructions on this basis and understanding.


8. Who Can Register


8.1 Only customers aged 16 years and over who are recorded as signatories on an account will be allowed to register for access to their accounts in the My Online system.


8.2 If you have a joint account, then any one of you may use our ‘My Online’ system but you must each use your own Web User ID number, password and memorable information. To be able to use our ‘My Online’ system, your account must be set up so that any one of you can authorise a transaction or amendment to the account. Our ‘My Online’ system is not available if two or more of you are required to authorise changes jointly. If one of you tells us that another joint holder is no longer allowed to authorise transactions, or if we reasonably think that all transactions should be authorised by you jointly, we may suspend all My Online on that account.


9. Data protection and confidentiality


9.1 We are committed to protecting your privacy during your visits to ‘My Online’ and recognise our responsibility to keep the information you provide to us confidential at all times.


9.2 For full details of how we use your information, and your rights to see the information that we hold about you, please refer to our leaflet Savings Terms and Conditions, available at our branch, by calling 01482 881510 or by visiting our website.


10. General Conditions


10.1 Beverley Building Society accepts no responsibility for the content of any other site to which a hyper text link to or from this site exists.


10.2 Beverley Building Society cannot warrant that this site is free of technical defects or viruses of any description and will not be responsible for any technical problems arising from the use of this site.


10.3 Beverley Building Society will endeavour to have My Online available 24 hours a day. However, the Society has the right to suspend access to the site, temporarily or permanently, for which no notice may be given. The Society will not be liable for any reason if the site is unavailable, for however long the period might be. As a consequence the Society will not be liable for any loss or damage arising in contract, tort or otherwise if the site becomes unavailable or is suspended for any reason, or we are unable to let you carry out a transaction for any reason beyond our reasonable control.


10.4 Beverley Building Society shall at all times own the copyright and any other rights to the material on this website. You are not permitted to download, reproduce, store or transmit any information on this website other than for your own personal use. If you print off information data, text or forms, you must not alter, amend, or copy them.


10.5 We may vary these conditions by telling you. We will do this by sending details about changes by letter, email or secure message, or by display in branches, advertisement or notice within the ‘My Online’ system. Our Savings Terms and Conditions contain more detail on how and why we may make any changes to the terms of your agreement with us.


10.6 You may tell us at any time that you no longer want to use “My Online”. If you tell us by telephone we may ask you to write to us to confirm this.


10.7 The terms and conditions on this website are governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of England.


10.8 This website is only for the use of authorised users. It is not for the use of anyone who is prohibited under applicable laws of their citizenship, domicile or residence from receiving information from, or otherwise using, this website. It is not an invitation or offer to sell savings or mortgage.


10.9 Please note that the information on this website may change from time to time.


10.10 To assist your navigation of this website and to help in the prevention of fraud, we may send “cookies” from this website to your computer. We do not obtain personal data from your computer or gather personal information about you unless you personally give information to our server.


10.11 By accessing any part of this site, you shall be deemed to have accepted these terms in full.


10.12 or visit


10.13 Beverley Building Society is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority. Registered Number 206064.

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