30 Day Notice Account

Summary Box - Key Product Information 
Account Name 30 Day Notice
What is the interest rate?

0.70% Gross* / AER** for balances over £1,000

Interest is calculated daily and added annually on 31st December at close of business.

Monthly interest option is available for balances in excess of £5000. The interest rate is reduced by 0.05%. Monthly interest is credited on the last working day of each month.

Balances under £1,000 will attract the lowest rate from the Instant Access Account.

Can Beverley Building Society change the interest rate?

Yes, all of our interest rates are variable. 

Refer to our General Savings Terms and Conditions and the Framework Contract for Payment Services for full details. 

What would the estimated balance be after 12 months based on a £1,000 deposit?


This figure is for illustration purposes only, and assumes annual interest, no further deposits, withdrawals, or interest rate changes. 

How do I open and manage my account? 

Available to UK Residents and UK Tax Residents.

Complete the application form, relevant declaration(s) and provide necessary identification then forward together with the initial deposit (payable to the account holder) to the Society's office.

The minimum opening deposit is £1000. This account can be managed via post and branch.

Please contact the Society for information regarding Third Party Assistance.

Can I withdraw money?

Yes, one notice and penalty free withdrawal per month of up to £5,000 is permitted.

All other withdrawals available immediately with a 30 day loss of interest on the amount withdrawn or are subject to 30 days’ notice. Money must be withdrawn on the 30th day of notice, otherwise notice will be removed.

You can normally make a withdrawal on demand of cash up to £500 and any amount by cheque or Faster Payment, subject to adequate cleared balance and written instruction signed by the relevant signatory(ies).

Refer to our General Savings Terms and Conditions and the Framework Contract for Payment Services for more information on withdrawals.

Additional Information
*Gross rate – the contractual rate of interest to be paid on a savings account without any deduction being made in respect of personal Income Tax liability.
**AER - stands for Annual Equivalent rate and illustrates what the interest rate would be if interest was paid and compounded once each year.



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