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Current Savings Rates from 4th October 2016 (all rates are variable). Please contact the Savings Team for further information. With effect from 4th July 2016 we are no longer accepting new Cash ISA applications or Cash ISA transfers in from other providers as this account is now oversubscribed. For more information please ring the Savings Team on 01482 881510.

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Junior Cash ISA Subscription Limit 2016/2017 £4,080**** Gross Rate / AER
£1+ 2.00%
Monthly Savings Account Gross Rate / AER
£10+ Excluding 0.80% 2016 conditional bonus 0.35%
  Including  0.80% 2016 conditional bonus** 1.15%**
Young Savers Account *Gross Rate / *AER
£1 - £25,000*** 1.25%
Cash ISA | Subscription Limit 2016/2017 £15,240**** Gross Rate / AER
£35,000+ 1.15%*
£1+ 1.05%*
Postal Account Gross Rate / AER
£75,000+ 0.90%*
£1,000+ 0.75%*
30 Day Notice Account Gross Rate / AER
£1,000+ 0.85%*
Postal Business Account | Business On Line Account Gross Rate / AER
£1,000+ 0.25%
Instant Access Account   Gross Rate / AER
£1+ 0.25%*

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Gross Rate - the contractual rate of interest to be paid on a savings account without any deduction being made in respect of personal Income Tax liability.

AER – stands for Annual Equivalent Rate and illustrates what the interest rate would be if interest was paid and compounded once each year.

The tax treatment or the rate of interest payable depends on individual circumstances and may be subject to change in the future.

*Monthly Interest is available on balances over £5000 on certain accounts as indicated above at a reduced rate

** Monthly Savings Account Monthly Savings Account includes a 0.80% bonus if all monthly subscriptions are received by December each year and the account remains open at 31 December.

***Young Savers Account Any balance that exceeds £25000 will attract the lowest rate from the Instant Access Account

****Cash ISA/Junior Cash ISA Interest credited or paid annually at close of business on 5 April.

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