Beverley Building Society


Welcome to the Beverley Buiding Society Mortgage Intermediary Section.

Three reasons to use the Beverley Building Society:
1. No credit scoring
2. We don't rely on computers to make decisions for us
3. Fee Free Remortgage package
The Society recognises that each mortgage application is different and should be looked at on individual merit and affordability. We pride ourselves on assessing applications through sensible underwriting and a flexible approach to secure lending. Please contact us to discuss your clients needs and we will give you a quick decision.
In order to submit applications to the Society you will have to be listed on the Financial Services Register of Mortgage Intermediaries.
If you require an agreement in principle or a broker KFI, please contact us with full details of the enquiry or call us on 01482 881510.
Procuration fee paid is 0.35% of the advance.
Interest Only Mortgages can be considered on merit and subject to certain terms and conditions. Please contact the Society for further information.
Please find below all the necessary forms you will need.
NB. An income multiplier of 4x gross (single or joint) is used as a guide only and can be exceeded in some circumstances. The assessment is primarily on affordability. All committed monthly expenses are deducted from monthly income. The residual net income would need to support a mortgage payment on our SVR + 2.00%.


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