Society to bury Time Capsule

To commemorate the end of the 150th Anniversary year, the Society are going to bury a time capsule, which is to be uncovered in 50 years time.

Head of Lending Graham Carter
Head of Lending Graham Carter

The final celebrations of Beverley Building Society’s 150th Anniversary will take place on 27 June with a garden party. To mark the occasion the Society will bury a time capsule. Local residents are invited to include an item that will be uncovered in 2067.

The time capsule will be buried on the premises, containing various items including a passbook, documents and photographs. The Society is appealing to members of the public to help fill it with objects that future generations will find interesting.

Graham Carter, Head of Lending at Beverley Building Society says:
“The capsule is to be 65cm x 25cm², we are welcoming suggestions of items to go inside the capsule and feel sure the people of Beverley will think creatively.”

“The time capsule is a brilliant way to celebrate the Beverley Building Society’s history, our members, and the community. The town already has such a rich history, it is exciting that we can contribute and that in 50 years’ time people will be unearthing the Society’s encapsulated memories.”

“We plan to leave specific instructions for the capsule to be opened in 2067, for the staff at The Society and members of the public to examine and re-bury with some modern-day items. It would be wonderful if it can be uncovered every 50 years, as an ongoing tradition to celebrate the Society as it reaches other anniversaries”

“Plans for the exclusive garden party are underway, I feel the time capsule is a brilliant finale to our 150th year”

If any members of the public have any suggestions, please get in touch with Marketing Manager, Zoe Fisher via email:

Founded in 1866, Beverley Building Society is one of the UK’s oldest societies, and has helped generations of residents to manage their finances, upholding its place as a cornerstone of the local community. Celebrations of their 150th anniversary began last June with a dinner at the Beverley Racecourse. Throughout the year, the Society has taken part in a number of exciting fundraising events, in support of their charity partner - Action Duchenne.

Members of staff at the Beverley Building Society have taken part in skydiving, zip lining and shark diving, and organised raffles to raise a total of £25,000 for Action Duchenne. The charity raises money, promotes awareness and offers a community for patients of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a fatal genetic illness that affects approximately 1 in every 3,500 live male births.

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