Supporting Paul Deadman’s Brittle Bone Society mountain climb

In March the Beverley Building Society’s charity of the month competition was won by local man, Paul Deadman’s nominated charity – The Brittle Bone Society.

Mike Plaster, Marketing Manager at Beverley Building Society and Paul Deadman, Fundraiser for Brittle Bone Society
Mike Plaster, Marketing Manager at Beverley Building Society and Paul Deadman, Fundraiser for Brittle Bone Society

In June Paul will attempt to climb Mount Toubkal in North Africa with the aim of raising £2,000 for the Brittle Bone Society. The charity provide funds for essential equipment for those with Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI); a condition that Paul’s stepdaughter Lucianna suffers from.

OI is a genetic condition present from birth that means bones are more fragile and are liable to fracture at any time, even without trauma. There is currently no known cure but charities such as the Brittle Bone Society work tirelessly to raise both money and awareness to fight the often misunderstood condition.

Patricia Osborne, CEO of the Brittle Bone Society said:

“We are delighted to have been chosen by Beverley Building Society’s customers as their Charity of the Month and would like to thank everyone who voted for us. We must also thank one of our keenest fundraisers, Beverley man Mr Paul Deadman who nominated the Brittle Bone Society, for all his work promoting and supporting the Brittle Bone Society and helping to raise awareness of Osteogenesis Imperfects(OI).”

Paul Deadman, fundraiser for The Brittle Bone Society said:

“Last year my friends and family helped raise almost £4,000 for the Brittle Bone Society who, it has to be said, are underfunded and underrepresented locally and nationally. This year we are fund-raising once more and I have chosen to climb Mt. Toubkal in the Atlas Mountains in North Africa in an attempt to raise in excess of £2,000. Money raised will help the charity to continue their invaluable work and at the same time I hope to raise awareness of this very rare and often misdiagnosed condition. I am therefore extremely grateful to the staff and customers of the Beverley Building Society following their recent donation of £250. For more information on the Mt. Toubkal challenge and if you would like to donate please visit my page at”

The Beverley Building Society’s Charity of the Month Competition is now in its second year of running and has so far donated a total of £3,750 to local causes such as Paul’s. In addition, the Society also donates 50 pence for each member that votes in the Annual General Meeting which is to be held in Browns Department Store on 22nd April.

To nominate a charity for inclusion in the Beverley’s monthly voting process, they can email, tweet @beverleybs, or call in and speak to one of the team.

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