An enlightening experience for local college student

Last week the Beverley gave 17-year-old college student, Lucy Howson the chance to experience all aspects of working at East Yorkshire’s only independent building society.

A student at Cottingham High Sixth Form College; Lucy has ambitions to pursue a career in Marketing and Design.

She said:

“The Beverley Building Society was one of few organisations that were willing to offer me the experience that I, and many other people my age, need in order to learn and develop the necessary skills for a career. Their friendly approach and enthusiasm allowed me to gain a true insight into the real world.”

The Society is widely recognised for its commitment to assisting the career development of young people and has most recently been voted as having one of the best internship programmes in the country at the NCWE awards.

Peter Myers, Chief Executive of the Beverley Building Society said:

“As a Society we have always tried to give young people the chance to further their development and offering opportunities to aspiring talent like Lucy is something we deem very important.”

During Lucy’s time at the Society she was able to experience various aspects of the organisation. Commenting on this, she said:

“They wanted to welcome me into every department they had to offer such as the customer service, financial management as well as marketing. This was so I could get an overall outlook on how the whole organisation was managed and to help me decide upon which path I would like to follow in the future.”

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