Customers in Arrears

This page explains how the Society will treat you fairly and what steps you should take yourself should you have difficulties in paying your mortgage. The Building Societies Association has also devised a helpful guide for those who can’t pay their mortgage.

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What you can do to help us

You may want to talk to a professional adviser, such as a debt counsellor or a lawyer, before you change your mortgage arrangements. We would strongly advise that you seek independent, free, debt advice.

We will

We might be able to

If we can make one of these arrangements with you, we will explain how it would work and give you time to consider it. If we cannot offer you any of these options, we will tell you why.  However we might agree to you remaining in the property in order for you to sell it yourself depending on your circumstances.

Costs and charges

If you are in arrears, we may charge you for our reasonable administrative and legal costs. We will tell you the amount you will have to pay.

If we cannot agree on a solution

If we repossess your home

If selling your home does not raise enough money to pay off the mortgage



If you do not think we have treated you fairly, you should write to the Complaints Officer at the address shown below:

Beverley Building Society
57 Market Place
HU17 8AA

If your complaint is not dealt with to your satisfaction, you may then take it to the Financial Ombudsman. The Financial Ombudsman Service provides a free and independent service for consumers, and can be contacted at:

The Financial Ombudsman Service
South Quay Plaza
183 Marsh Wall
E14 9SR

Phone: 0845 080 1800

Other Issues

Some companies may offer you new loans or even invite you to sell your property to them and then lease it back as a way of resolving your short term financial difficulty. Please be careful, as such actions may not be in your long term best interests. We would advise you to seek independent advice before entering into any arrangement of this type.

You may be thinking about handing your keys over to us. If you do this, you will still owe us any outstanding debt, and we would advise you to discuss this option with us before taking such action.


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